Wine Club terms

By joining one of the WH WineWorks Clubs, you agree that WH WineWorks is authorized to charge your credit card for each scheduled shipment.  There is no fee to enroll and no annual membership fee.  All Club Members must be 21 years or older to join.  Because an adult aged 21 years or older is required to sign for shipments, a business address is recommended.  Please remember that it is your responsibility to notify WineWorks of any changes to your shipping address prior to the date the wines are shipped.  Any re-shipments of orders will incur subsequent freight costs.  

Will Call orders must be picked up within 60 days of release. After 60 days, your order will be shipped to the address on file, shipping charges will be applied.

Membership void where prohibited.  Call for shipping availability in your area: 707.8278258 or email:


WH WineWorks Club membership is a commitment of at least two shipments and continues thereafter. Early cancellation results in the reversal of any club pricing given.